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Hey, I'm Jayson

I have a Bachelor's in Game Design and Development from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a cirtificate of achievement in Character Art from the Game Artist Academy, a mentorship with Rich Diamant (Riot Games), Patrick Murphy (Riot Games) and Judd Simantov (Naughty Dog). I enjoy a good challenge, developing art pipelines and workflows, working with a team that challenges each other to improve, and try to constantly learn and adapt. I am seeking opportunities as a character artist.

I'm a pc gamer, a dog person, a vegetarian, a druid and a paladin, and a Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones/Star Wars addict. I read as much as I can (recently finished John Dies at the End), roll around in a beat up old Hyundai, and walk my dog when it’s not -4 degrees.